Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Some of my readers said that the old text was very hard to read. I thought about that too but for me, I could read everything. That didn't apply to others. I also asked some people in the blogger help forum the coffee shop. The people there weren't very nice and told me to change the background image because there was too much colour on my blog. So I am highlighting the text with green (like this) from now on so that people can read clearly, what I am writing. I won't be changing my BG beacause I love it!


Sammy and Andy said...

Our mamabug has old eyes and still has a difficult time reading your text because it's so small and the background is so busy......but then she has a difficult time with other backgrounds also....especially the black backgrounds. It's mostly important that you have what you like and what most people can handle and please don't worry about the rest of us.....it's our problem not your's. xxxxxxxxxxx

Amy and The House of Cats said...

I think you are right to keep your background, because it is great. The people in the help forums at blogger are never very helpful - try searching in google because that is what I do now - I ususally find better info with less rude people!

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